domingo, abril 05, 2015

Harley Davidson Discover More 2015 - Part 2 - The Test Drive

She is big. She is threatening. She is beautiful. And when you look at her, you think you will never be able to ride a bike like this. But today, I had the opportunity to experience a Harley "touring" model for the first time. With the key in my pocket I called the bike with a slight shudder. She began to purr like a cat and my confidence grows. I sat down and everything is at hand. I felt immediately at ease in the huge space around me and in unparalleled comfort and safety. Rev up the first gear and the engine roars and "our" Harley kicks off with power and smoothness. 
This technology is amazing. It’s a very easy motorcycle to drive, whose every detail has been designed to take advantage of every moment on a trip. All this contributed to the gratifying experience I had with this bike. And to the desire to leave. Leaving for a journey like I’ve never had. 
I love motorcycles. And as an advertising guy I love telling a good story that people will want to hear. I love good food, to meet new people and try new things. And I love to share. I will share this experience with everyone, to show them that anyone can drive a Harley. You can be shorter, thinner, younger than me; you don’t have to grow a beard or have tattoos. A regular guy can own a Harley and do special things. Even a guy like me.

At the Harley Davidson Portugal dealer, in the day of the test drive.They don´t have the Street Glide so they let me test another Touring bike.

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